The BITCHES were back!!
After a lot of counteracts of the moral-fucker mayor of Beesd,(he lost the law-suit), The Bitches could give their performance in De Rodenburg in Beesd Holland. It was a fucking cool show. They did what we expected and the crowd got excited. The sphere was cool and the music loud and clear. The Bitches were working out all in what they are the best: Kissing,licking, fucking, playing and a little bit of witchcraft. So it was a nice place to be and see you again Bitches. Thanks Bitches for the promise: When we are in the neighbourhood we will visit The Patriot...see you there!! For the moment they are touring in England: see main page and in April they are taking a month off. May be they are then coming to De Patriot. For the moment they are working on the DVD, for a special clip see link to rockbitch have fun and cusoi















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